Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm actually in a coffee house right now.

Of all the things I've neglected over the past few weeks--my laundry, exercising, general hygiene--this blog is at the top of the list. Sorry? I'd like to say we've been busy, but the truth is that we spend all of last week laying on the floor of our furnitureless apartment watching the entire series of Scrubs. Life is rough.

We plowed into Provo not last Sunday, but the Sunday before, and were greeted by these things:

They're called mountains, for our fellow midwesterners. 
Yes, view from our driveway. 

Our first purchase was a bed--a queen bed, much to Jeffrey's demise. A king wouldn't fit in the front door of our apartment, which should be an indication to the size of our apartment. The ceilings aren't terribly low, however, our second bedroom (which is haunted, although I have no reason to believe this) has a door frame suitable for Danny Devito. I don't go in there, but Jeffrey does, which explains why his head is becoming lumpier than mine. 

I started school a week ago and learned that it is socially unacceptable to Skype in the library. I've also learned that a class called 'Life in the Universe'=Astrobiology=wayy more difficult than I originally thought. 

Jeffrey started his job on Monday and hasn't quit yet. That's about all I know, and that he's coming home at 8:30 tonight.