Monday, May 9, 2011

some new things

1. We moved!! Take a look at this nugget of cuteness:

 It needs a bit of work but we'll get before and after pictures up 
as soon as I'm done decorating...
which could be a while.

2. I turned 21. On a Monday. In Utah.

3. Jelly is getting bigger and sassier. 
Here she is...

catching up on gilmore girls

skyping with grandma and grandpa rogers
(who look fantastic)

 helping unpack some clothes

participating in beaglemania 2011

Maybe I should blog on a normal basis.


  1. Poor dog is right, he has zombies for grandparents.

  2. Yes, you finally updated! Now I should do the same! I love beaglemania and it should happen more often...

  3. Your Chatt was returned. Send me your new address.